Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Upgrade your experience… update your Android app! 21 June 2013in

migLovers on Android – we have a whole bunch of improvements in the latest version of the app. Just to name a few: 1. A faster Miniblog experience It’s easier for you to add your Moods on others’ posts, and uploading photos is a faster process. 2. Swipe to access features you use most It’s even more convenient to reach your friends on mig33. Swipe right from the home screen to access your contact list, and left for your chatrooms. 3. New and improved Groups Now, all members of a Group can post text, pictures and videos to the group wall – it’s as simple as posting to your own Miniblog! 4. Sign up for mig33 with your Facebook account Joining mig33 is much easier with Facebook connect – it takes just one click to sign up!Invite your Facebook friends to mig33 today to earn free bonus referral migCredits. 5. Find friends from your phone contacts Wonder which friends on your phone book are on mig33? We’ll help you identify them and make it easy for youto add them as friends on mig33. 6. Brand new Stickers and Emoticons We all know that sometimes, words aren’t enough. Besides giving the keyboard a new look, we’ve introduced a new feature, Stickers, and new Emoticons, too. Other updates: - Improvements to the generallook and feel of the app - Better system notifications - Hot Topics recommendation - Removed buzz and lookout Overall, we’ve made changes to improve the look of mig33 on Android, and some new features to make it even more user-friendly. Upgrade your Android app today! Have fun, Your friends at mig33.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Security for MigCredits :x :x :x :x

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Coming soon! Added security for migCredit top-ups via credit card. Hi migLovers, Just for your information, the top-up process for migCredits via credit card has changed a little, for added security reasons. How this will impact you: 1. You will be redirected to a secure site. 2. You will only be able to top up migCredits through your credit card via web (if you are unable to do so, do consider recharging through other options, such as Merchants, PayPal or through Moneybookers) Your security is always our priority! Have fun, Your friends at mig33.